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VFW of Ohio Charities Post 9927

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POST 9927


POST 9927

Marvin Dungan, William Highfill, Custer Hall, Donald Brown, James Kruetzman, Harold Long, Steve McClure

Phillip Buxton, Carl Pulver, Joseph Byron, Robert Lammers

Greetings Comrades,

Where has the time gone? As I begin my last newsletter a flood of memories rushes by me. I have truly enjoyed being the Commander of the finest Post in the VFW Department of Ohio for these last seven years. I have learned a lot and met so many nice people here at the Post. The only thing I can say is that I thank each of you for showing confidence in me as your Commander.

I congratulate Joe and his new slate of Officers for the ensuing year 2008-2009. I wish them the best and am here to help them at anytime. I am sure they will do a fine job. Please join me in giving them your support.

I have been blessed by the greatest volunteers ever during my time as Commander. I would like to thank them all for what they do because without them nothing would happen. Next time you are at a function thank the volunteers or see what you can do to volunteer. Please consult your calendar and come to the Post and join in the festivities. It is always good to see new faces at the Post.

The VFW Department of Ohio 3rd District meeting will be held here at our Post on Sunday June 1st at 10am. I am being elected and installed as 3rd District Commander and Joe Naranjo as Judge Advocate. Merry Douglas will be elected and installed as 3rd District Ladies Auxiliary President and Jan Seredich as Chaplin at 9am. Please plan to attend we would love to see you there.

Last but certainly not least let me take this opportunity to thank the person that has been my number one supporter, a tireless volunteer and anything else she needed to be in order to make me a success. My Wife Karla. Without her none of this would have been possible. She has given me her full support and a lot of hard work. I thank you Karla from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me. I could have never done it without you.


Sisters and Members,

A BIG thank you to the Officers and chairmen for the past year. To those who volunteered throughout the year I thank you also. Many of you do things that are never realized by the majority of the members in the Auxiliaries or Post. To all of you thank you for your support!

As we start the New Year in July, there are many opportunities for everyone. I will be asking for chairmen over the next two months so be prepared to step up and take a part in our Auxiliary.

Membership – Starting with the August Post Picnic new membership cards will be available for the 2009 year. Pay your dues early or take advantage of the reduced rate for Life Membership. This saves the Auxiliary postage, volunteer hours and continual reminders to pay your dues. All dues should be paid by December 31, 2008. The Auxiliary will not make 100% this year in membership. Lets try to reach that goal for 2009. Remember if you are not current you are not a member in good standing.

Marching Vests- those of you who no longer march or ride in the parades please return the vests and gloves that were given to you. They do belong to the Auxiliary and we need them back for new members that want to participate. Please return them by May 15th. If you can’t get to the Post call me at 439-4332 and I’ll come and get them from you.

Thank you for electing me as your President for the coming year. Loyally, Jan

Hello All !

And after April showers what do May Flowers bring….. Pilgrims! Well I guess I’m going to be President for one more year, then it’s time to give someone else the privilege of serving. So officially " I shall not seer, nor will I accept – Blah, Blah, Blah ". I want to get involved in VA visits this year, I’ve said it before! I also want to thank all of my Officers the outgoing and the new ones and rest assured the same commitment to serve you, the Post, will be prominent in our activities and contributions, we are here for you! Also thanks to Jeff Carroll for your leadership and input and allowing us to just hang-out round here. Good luck and good health. Remember your Post, it’s here for you, be here for it! Till next newsletter,


For those of you with internet access, please visit our new website at www.vfwpost9927.org , and to save printing and postage e-mail the editor at www.vfw9927@sbcglobal.net and "opt out" of getting the newsletter sent to you. Everything in the newsletter is viewable online.

The calendar of events is in .pdf format as it was hard to read. You can view and print by clicking on .pdf link below. Requires Adobe reader which is free to download.

MAY JUN 08 PAGE5.pdf



2/08 United Rehab Services $ 525.70
2/08 Jan Feb Newsletter/printer $ 547.23
2/08 Jan Feb Newsletter/postage $ 350.00
2/08 Ladies Aux Program Support $ 229.00
2/08 Belmont JROTC Donation $1000.00
2/08 United Rehab Services $ 348.00
2/08 care packages/postage/flags $ 241.56
2/08 F.H.S. After Prom Committee $ 500.00
2/08 Mar Apr Newsletter/printing $ 539.21
2/08 Children’s Easter Party $ 73.90
2/08 Children’s Easter Party $ 211.53


3/08 VAVS Hospital Fund $1000.00
3/08 Ladies Aux Program Support $ 255.00
3/08 Bellbrook JROTC donation $ 500.00
3/08 Kett. Ed. Foundation $ 100.00
3/08 Vviet Nam Memorial Center $ 100.00
3/08 Greenmont Elementary School $ 100.00
3/08 Miami Valley Vets Baseball $ 200.00
3/08 FOP 170 special needs kids $ 250.00
3/08 D. A. V. donation $ 100.00
3/08 VFW unmet needs,MAPS,uplink $ 200.00
3/08 Kett. Youth football/cheer assn $ 200.00
3/08 4 Paws / seeing eyes dog $ 250.00
3/08 Color Guard Program Support $1000.00
3/08 POW/MIA luncheon $ 46.72
3/08 Children’s Easter Party $ 155.21
3/08 POW/MIA luncheon $ 38.87
3/08 United Rehab Services $ 400.60
3/08 Color Guard Program Support $1000.00

Please take some time out of your schedules to volunteer at the Post! We need kitchen help; servers, cleaning staff, and cooks. If you have a "special" dish that you would like tell someone about it.

Please don’t miss out on the fun of volunteering. It’ll make you feel good knowing that you helped. Support YOUR Post! There are sign up sheets for the various activities on the sign up board.

Please don’t leave it to the same few all of the time. Have a heart, do your part!!!

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