Covid-19 Health Policy

Outside Dining: May 15th, 2020

Inside: May 21st, 2020


VFW Post 9927

Covid-19 Health Policy



Health and Safety is the responsibility of our Officers, our Members, Contractors and anyone that enters our facility.  Systems and procedures have been developed to provide a structure that can be managed to ensure the health of our employees, our members, and our Veterans.  These policies are effective immediately.  These procedures must be followed and, if not, could result in termination of employment or suspension of membership to the Kettering VFW Post 9927.


Health Committee Members

The following members have been chosen to act as head of each department.  They are responsible for oversight and enforcement of the practices set forth for their respective department.


Kitchen Operations Health Manager – Ray Henn

Canteen Operations Health Manager/Canteen Manager – Becki Littman

Post Operations Health Manager/Commander – Jerry Steiner

Medical Advisor – Sarah Burchfield


Department and Procedures

  1. Kitchen

1.a       No one will be allowed in the kitchen until their temperatures are taken and normal.  If you are showing signs of sickness without a fever, you will still be required to leave.

2.a       Only 5 individuals (will be assigned) are permitted to use the kitchen.

3.a       Gloves must be donned as soon as you enter the kitchen.  If you leave the kitchen, they must be thrown away BEFORE exiting.  Each time.  Upon re-entry, new gloves must be used.

4.a       All kitchen personnel MUST wear a face mask at all times while in kitchen.

5.a       If an apron is used, you must not leave the kitchen while wearing it.

6.a       Hands must be washed every 30 minutes while in the kitchen.  Gloves can be re-used after each handwashing as long as you haven’t left the kitchen area.

7.a       Kitchen will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.

8.a       Social distancing must be practiced while working in the kitchen.


  1. Canteen

2.a       Temperature will be taken of everyone that enters the canteen.  If anyone has an elevated temperature or are showing signs of sickness, they must be removed from the Canteen immediately.

2.b       All bartenders will be required to wear a face mask at all times while behind the bar.

2.c       Timer will be set in 30 minute increments to signal the bartender(s) to wash their hands.

2.d       Hand sanitizer will be placed on the bar every six feet for member usage.

2.e       The bar will be sanitized each time a member leaves.

2.f        Disposable masks will be provided to any member that does not have one and would like to wear one.

2.g       No food will be prepared in the bar area. If a member wants food that requires cooking, please get a kitchen staff member to prepare it in the proper way.

2.h       Seats around the bar will be separated by six feet.  Seats at the table will be separated to ensure social distancing.  No large groups will be allowed to assemble at the same table.

2.i        Bingo participants must be separated by six feet at all times unless with their spouses or families.


  1. VFW Post

3.a       All members attending meetings will have their temperatures taken before they are allowed to enter.  If their temperature is elevated or they’re showing signs of sickness, they will be asked to leave.

3.b       All Monthly meetings for the next six months will be held outside under the pavilion (weather permitting) and will practice social distancing.  Members attending the meetings will be asked to wear masks.

3.b       Social distancing will be utilized during all post functions (Color Guard, meetings, audits, etc.)

3.c       Sanitizer will by placed in the foyer at the front entrance and at the back entrance.  Please encourage everyone to use it when they come in.

3.d       Posters provided by the Department of Health (see attached) will be placed throughout the facility.

3.e       Indoor private room rentals will cease until further notice.

3.f        Outdoor functions will be allowed if they follow social distancing and follow the guidelines placed by the Governor of Ohio and our local health department.

3.g       The entire facility will continue to be cleaned and sanitized each morning.

3.h       Bathrooms will be periodically checked throughout the day and sanitized.


This policy is effective immediately and will ensure that the Kettering VFW is doing everything in their power to provide a safe and healthy environment for our veterans, the Auxiliary and their families.