It’s never easy asking for a donation but it never hurts to ask. We’ve been in Kettering for over 50 years and have generiously supported local charities by contributing over $25,000 per year via our charity account. Problem is that we can’t use our charity for the daily operation of the Post. With our membership dwindling each year it makes it hard to keep up with the repairs our club needs. Like a home there’s always something that needs repair.

We have an Honor Guard that provides services at no cost to our Veterans. Check the Honor Guard tab for info.

At present our parking lot needs repaved and we’re making an effort to replace our existing light fixtures (over 200) with LED lighting.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

Make check payable to: VFW Post 9927

Send to:

VFW Post 9927

ATTN: Commander

3316 Wilmington Pike

Kettering, Ohio 45429-4024

Or drop off any LED lights or checks at the Post. Stop in and check your facility out.

As mentioned above our parking lot is in dire need of repair or replacement. Check the photo below and you can tell we have a rather large parking lot (69,000 sq. feet)

Any donation to the repair or replacement (depending on how much we can get donated) would be greatly appreciated. If sending a donation by check please put to the attention of the Commander.

Much Needed:

Contact me at:


Attention: Commander


To Donate click below. (Thank You)

Our front entrance and exit have lights that use Halogen bulbs and last a few months. Have been trying to replace with LED. Has one LED go bad within 4 months and trying to replace under warranty. The image is of the type bulb they use and would appreciate any donation of either bulb.

Send them to the Post or drop them by.